Perspective is important

Perspective is important

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  1. The amount of new people fomoing in becomes exponential as the price breaks ATH’s. While it’s definitely good to get some perspective by looking at the longer time frame, we need to understand that some people ARE down 20-30%, and it’s really hard if it’s your first time. So empathy goes a long way, logic shouldn’t substitute empathy

  2. Likewise for bitcoin, it was <$5k less than a year ago and some people are going nuts over a retrace of a few thousand even though the previous cycles had multiple 30% retraces along the way

  3. Emotions and short term memory can be dangerous in investing, likely more so with crypto due to the volatility. Everyone wants huge gains but then when it dips, they suddenly don’t like volatility.

  4. The only people that care about this dip are people that bought in at the top. You gotta be in it for longer before you get your whining rights.

    Now me? I’ve been in it on and off for years. So I don’t think I get whining rights. I usually have been lucky enough to sell or buy shit with my crypto before the dips. Not this time.

    In it to win it.

  5. Getting people to remember what happened a month ago is damn year impossible, and you want them to remember something from a year ago? Ignore the crying and buy the dip.

  6. Still dont know if i should buy more ETH I’ve got some but I want to have 1 full coin since there is a “discount” right now but i see other alts that could make a big impact, since I have to decide between an 1 ETH or a few alts(also got some)..what do you guys think?

  7. First ride and after it “went down” and see that my portfolio is worth less than what I’ve put in somehow doesn’t get to me. Maybe I’m just numb after 5 years of Computer Science at Uni. Waiting on that sweet paycheck to buy more.



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