Peter Schiff trembling when bitcoin reaches ATH

Peter Schiff trembling when bitcoin reaches ATH

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  1. Peter Schiff just wants you to mention his name so he can sell gold and get paid for guest appearances.

    That’s why his son is positioned as pro crypto currency.

    They’re running their own version of Starwars.. he’s Darth, his son is Luke and ultimately they just want as much publicity to promote their Family drama so they can sell tickets, hotdogs and Popcorn along the way.

    Who is Peter Schiff without Bitcoin to troll.. a nobody.

    Best thing to do is not feed the trolls.

  2. Peter knows the truth, he has Bitcoin, he is accumulating.

    He has a gold business that he needs to wind down in a healthy manner and he knows that being hugely anti Bitcoin whilst running shoulders with high profile bitcoiners gets him clicks whilst being pro would just make him another amongst many.

  3. Peter Schiff puts his used underwear on top of his pillowcase so he can smell his own balls when he goes to sleep at night. He can’t get enough of himself. I bet his entire house is made of mirrors so he can wave to himself all day long.



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