Peter Thiel on Bitcoin’s true origin story

See (a few minutes long): [](


I was very struck by Thiel’s comments on E-Gold and how it may have helped spark Bitcoin as a decentralized alternative. Also, reading about E-Gold and Douglas Jackson is really quite fascinating. He had all of the major issues exactly right, far earlier than anyone else. Granted, he did create a centralized solution which clearly failed but it’s a very interesting story to learn about in contrast to what is happening today. Shame that he believes Bitcoin is a speculative bubble. But an interesting vignette in Bitcoin history that I rarely see discussed.




Curious to know what others think.

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  1. It’s common knowledge that Satoshi was aware of e-Gold, as well as Chaum’s e-Cash before it. Jackson’s persecution by law enforcement was a driver for Satoshi’s anonymity. Satoshi’s motivation for making Bitcoin decentralized is described clearly on the first page of his White Paper

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