Pi Cycle Top Indicates we are about to enter Bear market

On Pi Cycle Top Indicator 111DMA is about to cross the 350DMAx2. Historically this has indicated the end of the bull market and a major pullback in the coming few days. Thoughts? Will the bear market be upon us? Will there be a double peak as there were in 2013/2014?


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  1. Hmmm interesting. Looking at the charts, their might be a bear market. However when we’re looking at financial instutiona, and the general interest in Bitcoin. I won’t expect a bear market

  2. this chart is worth looking at but keep in mind it was fit to the tops after the fact so there is no certainty that it is predictive in nature. Also in 2013 there were two tops. If you looked at this chart you would have sold all of your crypto at the first top thinking it was going into a bear market only to find that 6 months later Bitcoin went way higher before going into the bear market. the scary thing is though if enough people believe in this model it will become self fulfilling.



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