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PLAY in Paris

The latest reports indicate that PLAY is getting ready to receive its third A321neo later in the week. This aircraft is another former Interjet plane that has emerged from the paint shop in Texas and it is ready to be ferried to Iceland on August 5. This brings the startup airline’s fleet to three A321neos, providing it the chance to enhance capacity for the rest of the summer season.

Iceland’s newest airline is getting ready to add more capacity to its fleet with this plane ready for delivery. The plane was seen leaving Texas ahead of its delivery to Iceland on Thursday. Once PLAY takes delivery, this A321neo will be registered TF-PLB. It is a 3.3-year-old aircraft that was previously delivered to Interjet in 2018 as XA-NEO.

Both of PLAY’s existing A321neos were also owned by Interjet. They all have a 192 set all-economy configuration. Based on data acquired from, the aircraft has been in an Arizona storage facility for the last 12 months. Around 10 days ago, it was moved to Amarillo, Texas, for painting.

International Aerospace Coatings (IAC) took care of the neo’s new coat of paint. The addition of one more neo for PLAY will enable the company to increase its capacity for the rest of the summer season. From only 130 flights in July, PLAY will operate 198 in August, maintaining things at this level up to October. From November to March, this capacity will range between 160-170 flights per month.

Which Are PLAY’s Destinations So Far?

PLAY came up as a new startup to a lot of fanfare at the end of June. Its first destination was London Stansted, but more connections speedily followed. By the end of July, the airline had already added Copenhagen, Tenerife, Barcelona, Paris, Alicante, and Berlin to its route map. Tenerife, Barcelona, and Alicante stick at eight to nine flights.

No new destinations have been included in the schedule until December when we see it operating a one-off flight to Warsaw, and two rotations to Gran Canaria. January sees the introduction of Saltsburg, with several rotations per month to start, while Gran Canaria sees a growing number of flights heading into 2022.

PLAY third neo

Barcelona seems to have been removed from schedules from October onwards. This might be a seasonal change, with the route that is expected to return in summer 2022. For now, no transatlantic flights are loaded in, but we can hope to get some more news on that later in the year as PLAY increases its fleet size and it lays out its plans for the next summer.

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