Playboy Launched Iconic Rabbitars NFT Collection

Playboy Launched Iconic Rabbitars NFT Collection

  • Playboy will release 11,953 distinct Rabbitars.
  • Rabbitars may have other attributes like ears and hats and occupation-related traits.

PLBY Group, Inc., owner of the legendary lifestyle brand Playboy, presented its newest NFT collection: Playboy Rabbitars. Playboy will release 11,953 distinct Rabbitars, 3D rabbit figures, in NFT form. Inspired by Playboy’s symbolism, tradition, and legend. Each Rabbitar will have distinct features, some rarer than others.

Designed by Playboy’s specialized Web3 Innovation team in collaboration with Possible Studios and WENEW, the art studio and blockchain technology startup co-founded by Michael Winklemann and Michael Figge. The Rabbitars are NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain as ERC-721 tokens hosted on IPFS (the Metaverse’s decentralized file storage system).

Based on Playboys Art and Editorial History

In addition to hair and face features, Rabbitars may have other attributes like ears and hats and occupation-related traits. In fact, some of the collection’s rarest Rabbitars and qualities, influenced by key areas of Playboy’s art and editorial history.

Playboy Rabbitars priced at 0.1953 Ethereum on the official Playboy Rabbitar website in three sales: Pre-sale for whitelisted Eth-paying collectors will place October 24th-26th. The public auction for Fiat/USD payers, scheduled for October 26th (following the end of the whitelist sale). Will take place on October 27th for Eth-paying collectors.

Collectors will require an Ethereum wallet, whether paying in USD or Ethereum. Collectors on the Eth whitelist may buy up to two Rabbitars. Up to ten Rabbitars max limit on buying during the two public auctions.

With blockchain, Playboy hopes to enhance customer interaction with the Playboy lifestyle and establish new membership packages. A series of digital artworks were made in partnership with the artist Slimesunday. Playboy’s first NFT drop, Liquid Summer, was released in the Spring of 2021.

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