Please destroy this 10-year old article

Please destroy this 10-year old article

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  1. Just some quick obvious problems with this off the top of my head.

    1. Yes, saving rates in the past were previously more inline with inflation rates, and so I don’t totally discredit the orange line. It is a valid point but misses the mark on so many other points.
    2. Since this graph ends in 2012, it doesn’t show the sharp decline since 2008, when things really decoupled and they kept interest rates artificially low since the global financial crisis of 2008, trying to keep the economy on life support for many years. This decoupling is what bitcoin was born out of. Therefore the orange line should also be in sharp decline since 2008 converging towards the black line.
    3. This assumes that you already have wealth and are just trying to keep hold of it. But wages have stagnated since 1971 ([]( and therefore income you have been earning since then has been devalued compared to the dollar, exacerbating the problem for those trying to build their wealth. Since wages have stayed flat, it is following the black line for those trying to create wealth, the orange line doesn’t exist for those people.
    4. Just compare real estate prices relative to median salaries to see the impact of this. The multiple just gets higher and higher until it becomes unsustainable and the housing market pops. 2008 it happened and it’s happening again now. The artificially low interest rates makes this worse, inflating real estate prices and as soon as interest rates increase this is becomes unsustainable. Also forcing people to store wealth in real estate instead of being able to save your wealth appropriately cause makes this worse than it should be.
    5. The blue line is total BS, as it’s just saying you can protect your wealth by investing it. Well yeah, that is the point, due to inflation they have forced everyone out on the risk curve trying to find yield to protect their wealth. As you have see, the blue line is in sharp decline in recent years, and similarly to point 2, this has been in sharp decline for the blue line since 2008 and beyond the last dates of the data shown, forcing everyone out further on the risk curve, everyone trying to find yield and stay ahead of the black line. Hence the everything bubble.

  2. tldr; The myth of inflation destroying the dollar is just that: a myth. Matt Busigin has put together a great chart showing the dollar’s value since 1948. The orange line in the middle shows what’s happened to your purchasing power if you’ve collected the most basic interest rate on your savings. The top line shows that the purchasing power of a dollar has gained.

    *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*

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