Please help me figure this problem out. HEX Market Cap!

Guys help me explain this to my Buddy.

In Certain sites I’ve never heard of, HEX is supposedly ranked 10 and just flipped LTC.

On major sites it shows HEX ranked at 201.

Why are they showing different? Are the never heard of sites using future stakes to show a higher Market Cap?

If its ranked 10 then I’ll accept it but like I said earlier, everywhere else it’s not even ranked top 100.

They are using this site.

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  1. Two possibilities the first is it is a scam. The second possibility is that there is just an error in the feed. That sometimes happens even for well known coins on major sites.

    I wouldn’t use sites you don’t know. If CMC and coingecko say it is sub 200 then it is sub 200.

  2. Hey guys scrolling through r/CryptoCurrency.

    Lots of people here scream scam and ponzi at Hex, yet these are the same people who ape in to week old ruggs on bsc.

    **Hex** is a coin that has had 100% up time since launch in Nov 2020, and up something like 880x since launch and up over 130% this week and has great fundamentals, I advise you to check out hex com webiste.

    It’s sad to see people throwing the scam label at everything that they dont own. This has been unreasonable shown against Hex.

    But clearly the Hex hodlers had the last laugh



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