Please help my students become literate.

Hello everyone. I am a new teacher at a Title 1 school district. Over 86% of my students are from low-income households. My 9-10 year old students experience poverty, hardship, distress, and more at such a young age. Their motivation to learn is very tender because they are often discouraged due to their environment.

I see my students for who they are and what they are capable of. My number one goal with my current (and future) students is to ensure literacy. My teacher salary is not enough to afford a classroom library. I make just above the poverty line. The best solution to ensure they have access to thousands of books is with technology. Technology will allow students to receive diverse and relevant reading material that can also meet ALL students at their current reading ability.

Please, if you are capable of donating $1-5 dollars to this campaign it would mean the world to my students and their teacher (me). This is just the difference of getting a grande instead of a venti at Starbucks. Any help counts and I am not asking for much. I just need help reaching this goal and I will scour to the end of the Earth collecting dollars at a time. **Donors Choose will also double any donations for the next day using code “LIFTOFF”.** Your $5 donation could become $10 using this code.

Tomorrow is World Kindness Day. My students begin each day with social and emotional learning through our morning meeting. I would love to tell them the news that people believe in their education and we received the funds to get an iPad for our classroom. Thank you so much for your consideration. – Ms. Morgan


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