Police Hunt for Manchester United Fan Sporting “Hamas 7” Jersey: Outrage Erupts in London

In an incident that has sparked widespread outrage, police have launched a hunt for a Manchester United fan who was seen wearing a team shirt with “Hamas 7” printed on the back. The unidentified man was photographed walking near Oxford Circus tube station in central London on Friday afternoon, triggering a significant public backlash.

Man wearing 'offensive' Man Utd jersey was spotted near Oxford Circus station
Man wearing ‘offensive’ Man Utd jersey was spotted near Oxford Circus station – SWNS source yahoo.com

The Offense and Legal Implications

Inviting support for a proscribed organization, such as Hamas, or recklessly expressing support for one, is a criminal offense under Section 12 of the Terrorism Act. The controversial shirt not only carries the name of a recognized terrorist organization but also seems to reference the tragic October 7 attacks last year, in which Hamas took 250 hostages and killed 1,139 people in Israel.

Witness Account

The football fan was captured on camera by a Jewish passerby who reported feeling “very offended” by the man’s shirt. He suggested the number 7 might refer to the attacks on October 7, exacerbating the offense.

“I was walking to collect some shoes and saw this guy, I thought it was pretty unbelievable – no one was reacting or seemed to notice,” the witness said. “I followed him for about two minutes and took photos. I think he was aware I was taking photos of him but didn’t seem to care.”

Public Reaction and Offense

The witness described the incident as “really shocking” and questioned the man’s awareness of the association, even if “Hamas” was his surname. He noted that the Manchester United shirt appeared to be newly printed, suggesting a deliberate act rather than an innocent mistake.

“Wearing the name of a terrorist organization is really shocking,” he added. “I was very offended, especially as the number 7 could have been in reference to the October 7 attacks.”

Official Response

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police confirmed they received a call from a member of the public regarding the offensive shirt. “On Friday 24 May, police received a call from a member of the public reporting that a man was walking in Oxford Street, W1, wearing a football shirt with an offensive message on it. Enquiries are underway to try and identify the man,” the spokesperson said.

Manchester United’s Policy

According to MailOnline, Manchester United does not permit political slogans to be printed on shirts sold through official club channels. The club, which recently celebrated its 13th FA Cup Final victory after beating rivals Manchester City 2-1 at Wembley Stadium, has strict guidelines to avoid any form of political controversy.


As police continue their search for the man, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of being mindful of the messages conveyed through public displays. The use of politically and culturally sensitive references, especially those associated with terrorism, can lead to serious legal consequences and public outrage. The case has underscored the vigilance required in maintaining the line between personal expression and offensive conduct in public spaces.

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