Politicians are afraid of Bitcoin because they can’t control it. Bitcoin is freedom!

Politicians are afraid of Bitcoin because they can’t control it. Bitcoin is freedom!

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  1. The politicians are just stooges for the central bankers.

    The central bankers want to create a “digital currency” that allows them to totally control:
    * Who is allowed to pay you, how much they’re allowed to pay you, how often, etc.
    * Whom you are allowed to send money to, how much, etc.
    * Your “personal” inflation rate, designed to force you to hurry up and spend while it’s worth anything
    * How much you’ll be allowed to keep in savings, if any

    If they detect that you say things they don’t like on-line (or elsewhere), they can just limit you and/or lock you out of the system entirely. You will effectively become their slave. They will run your life, dictating where you must earn money, where you must spend it, what you are allowed to buy, and how much. I can guarantee they won’t let you buy a gun or ammunition, or Bitcoin, for example.

    It’s better to just buy Bitcoin now.

  2. tldr; Hilary Clinton recently criticized Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as an attack on the sovereignty of the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency and as being capable of destabilizing nations of all sizes. Bitcoin is completely resistant to political machinations and is completely free from control by any government, corporation, or individual, no matter how much power such entities may have elsewhere.

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  3. No offence dude but you live in a society with majority elected leaders. If you are so anti-establishment and don’t want to be a part of society and want your ‘freedom’ why don’t you fuck off and live off the grid or something?

    Just leave Bitcoin out of it and stop making bitcoiners look like a bunch of nutters.

  4. Solution: Make it a requirement that all political donations MUST be paid in bitcoin.

    I tried to start the movement suggest [political donations]( be made strictly through mailed (US-Post) [paper wallets](, but found few to no takers. You’ll never get a bunch of libertarians to endorse any government funding campain.

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