Polkadex Mainnet to Be Launched on September 29, 2021

Polkadex has finally revealed the premiere date of the mainnet release!

The Polkadex team announced the news of the mainnet release on its official platform. As per the announcement made by the team, Polkadex will go live from September 29, 2021 and launch the Polkadex blockchain. This will open doors for Polkadex’s products to release subsequently. The mainnet release is a milestone event for team Polkadex and for the community. 

From September 29, anyone can earn PDEX and run a validator node to secure the network by staking their PDEX and nominating validators.  

It took weeks for them to run the testnet launch and update to reach a very successful one. The network is ready to launch on the mainnet. 

The Executive Director of Polkadex, Vivek Prasannan, and the CEO of Polkadex, Gautham J, conducted an AMA with the community to announce the official release date and answer questions related to the projects and the upcoming launches. 

Upcoming Launches of Polkadex

After launching Mainnet, the next step for Polkadex will be to manage the migration of PDEX from Ethereum (ETH) to the Polkadex network. It is planning to switch from the PDEX ERC-20 token to the native token of Polkadex Index. This will open seamless operations for the users who will be able to use it at their discretion. It will also help them improve their popularity in the community. The smooth function is ideally preferred by users over anything else. 

The other components of the project, including Polkapool, PolkaIDO, and Polkadex Orderbook, will be gradually put onto the Testnet first, and subsequently on the Mainnet, after the steady transfer of PDEX tokens from Ethereum to Polkadex.

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