Polkadot/Kusama parachain projects

The Polkadot ecosystem could be massive and there are some solid opportunities to get in early on a lot of the parachain projects so I figured I’d make a thread to share which projects everyone thinks will succeed and are bullish on. I’ll start.

* Acala/Karura (ACA/KAR) – A decentralized finance hub and stablecoin platform powering cross blockchain liquidity. Lots of big partnerships and endorsements with this project. Many expect it to do very well. [Whitpaper](

* Litentry (LIT) – Decentralized identity authentication. This project is interesting to me because I really like the idea of controlling personal identity on a blockchain. [Whitepaper](

* ChainX (PCX) – Bitcoin derivative platform. Bringing BTC and other assets to Polkadot defi would obviously be a big deal. Also doesn’t hurt that PCX currently stakes for 40%! Staking rewards get halved every 210,000 blocks with the next halving set to begin in about 60 days. [Whitepaper](

Drop some projects in the comments that you like. There doesn’t seem to be much discussion here about the upcoming parachain auctions and this could be an opportunity to highlight an unknown project that becomes huge. Thanks.

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  1. I’m also following Crust Network. They recently had quite a surge in price. It is designed to build a decentralized cloud ecosystem of Web3. Right now I think are missing marketing.

  2. DOT and LIT have been two of my best investments this year. Another project I like is CELR, which is not a DOT parachain or even strictly a DOT-related project, but it’s a layer 2 scaling solution that will be integrated into the ecosystem at some point in the future (can’t find an exact date but it was announced earlier this year). I’m not always great with the technical details, but in theory this will allow for crosschain micropayments and increased liquidity, which can only be a good thing for DOT, especially considering how important cross-chain interoperability is for the project as a whole.

    It’s also got a really solid team of devs behind it, who have doctorates from UC Berkeley, MIT, Princeton, etc and who also have experience working on large projects at major companies (Google and Intel, to name a couple). As always there are no guarantees, but in terms of fundamentals I think it’s a really strong project that has some serious growth potential.

    Avoid the sub though, that place is shill central and barely anyone knows what they’re talking about. It seems like they all legitimately believe in the project, but it’s also full of tO tHe MoOn kind of posts and people with unrealistic price expectations. Personally that’s a huge turnoff for me, but I believe in the potential of the project, so this behavior doesn’t concern me all that much.



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