Polkadot Testnet Achieves First XCMP Transaction


In a significant development, the first successful cross-chain message passing transaction-based (XCMP) connection was established between the Polkadot parachain testnet and Acala. The developers at both organizations have been able to connect and communicate on the parachain, and this is extremely relevant for their ambition to achieve compliance status with Kusama and Polkadot parachains in the coming time.

This cross-chain connectivity has been achieved through a definite plan under which the Acala network came up with the xtoken. It is primarily used for transferring the token across the chains within the ecosystem of the Kusama and Polkadot parachains. The xtoken has been operating through an open-source platform which means that any blockchain project can use the cross-chain functionality without any issue. Token transfers have also been achieved between Laminar testnet and Acala testnet through cross-chain message transfer functionality.

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During the testing phase, the Plasm Network team found some technical issues with the system, although they swiftly solved them. This was followed by the successful transfer of the tokens across chains which delighted everybody as their efforts finally bore fruits for both organizations. The next milestone on the list of organizations is to make the Kusama parachains live in the near future.

Kusama is soon going to announce the process of crowdloans, and once that happens, Acala is expected to go ahead with a crowdsourcing event for its KSM hosting. Acala will participate in the slot auction for parachain, after which it’s expected to launch the mainnet. Acala will also hold another crowdsourcing event with a specific focus on the DOT and will use the money for participating in the parachain auction process of Polkadot.

This specific ability to pass messages across multiple blockchains is special and holds immense potential for growth in the blockchain industry. This will enhance interoperability and help bring down the cost to make transactions more affordable for a wider group of participants.