PolkaFantasy and Trustpad to Join Hands for Fantasy Land Sale


TrustPad, the fundraising platform, aims to grow the blockchain industry exponentially while keeping a strong focus on security and sustainability. TrustPad is known for its quality approach towards its mission. The quality offered by TrustPad sets it apart from the others. The launchpad is designed to provide long-term engagement and values to developers, collectors, and artists. TrustPad is expanding its horizon to larger communities to sustain its ecosystem by providing great accessibility to $TPAD. 

PolkaFantasy has planned to go ahead with the Fantasy Land Sale on TrustPad’s platform. Gamers will be able to purchase PolkaFantasy’s magical lands from their virtual realms through TrustPad. These fantasy lands will help in the customized cultivation of rewards during the game. 

TrustPad was launched with a mission of secure and sustainable growth of blockchain ecosystems. PolkaFantasy is a Japanese blockchain NFT cross-chain platform. It provides multiverse games to users who are NFT enthusiasts. NFT developers also build the games. The games are inspired by Japanese themes, comics, animation, and games. The platform provides an immersive environment for users to play, create, discover, or trade by interacting with digital collectibles. 

PolkaFantasy aims to go beyond just an NFT marketplace or a DeFi gaming platform. It wants to provide users with the best experience on decentralized platforms in play-to-earn gaming and trading. The platform offers unbelievable play-to-earn elements. It provides full-fledged games to players. 

One can connect to TrustPad through various online platforms like its official website, Twitter, Telegram groups, Telegram announcements, Medium, etc.

The latest news and announcements about the PolkaFantasy can be followed on Telegram announcement, Linktree, official website, Telegram Channel, Twitter, Discord, Medium, Reddit, YouTube, etc.

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