[Poll] What percentage of your investments is in crypto currencies?

Dear community

over at /r/bitcoin there are multiple interesting polls about how much money you have invested or how much Bitcoin one holds. Since I am interested in Net Worth portfolios in total I was wondering how hight the share of your crypto investments is in relation to your other investments like stocks, P2P etc.

I am curious to see how many “all-in”-ers we have vs. how many more conservative investors we have in our community 🙂

Feel free to comment your portfolio if you like, but please don’t share any $ numbers – for your own privacies sake.


**Here’s the poll:** [****](

Edit: Thanks for all your comments! It‘s so interesting to see how many people are invested in gold&silver. That‘s actually very surprising to me when there is e.g. BTC as the arguably better alternative. At least in the biased world I am living in 🙂

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  1. It was a 100%, now about 95%. For new investments I’m gonna go to 80%. I’ll probably end up 50/50 in some time. Stocks and ETS are less volatile and offer a decent return so it makes me feel less anxious.

  2. I’m a bit older than the average for this sub (57 YO) and I’m 90% stocks/10% crypto. I’ve been investing for 30 years and the one thing that I can’t figure out for crypto is how to price it. With stocks, bonds, and real estate I can calculate what I feel the asset is worth based on fundamentals and buy when the price is lower than that. I’ve been doing that via DCA for decades and it has really paid off.

    But I feel uneasy with crypto because there’s only one fundamental metric (market cap) or technical analysis (which is BS IMO). How do I know what a good price is? If DOGE goes from $0.40 to $0.30 does that mean it’s a screaming buy? I don’t know. On the other had, based on Amazon’s sales, earnings, debt, historic P/E, etc. I can come up with an estimate of what I feel the price should be. Let’s say $3500. If it’s $3400/share I might consider buying it, but if it’s $3600/share I won’t. (That doesn’t mean I’m right of course, but I’m secure that I’m in the ball park.)

    So that’s why I’m only 10% in crypto. You can’t argue that it isn’t an asset class anymore, and the returns have certainly turned my head, but I want to become a bit more comfortable in the space before I put in more of my savings.

  3. Done.

    Dunno if you consider hard assets like precious metals as investment; I still counted them in.

    I did not considered the fiat sleeping here and there tho.

    I’m about 25%/75% crypto/gold&silver ratio atm, but the crypto percentage is growing.

  4. Portfolio:

    – 64% in sustainable ETF portfolios
    – 20% in savings/emergency fund
    – 16% in crypto

    I started crypto investing at start of the year so I expect the number to grow since I am young-ish and believe in crypto being everywhere soon

  5. I don’t know anything about portfolio. I stack some coins when I have money.
    I caught the bottom of the dip yesterday for my favorite altcoin. That was cool.
    Diversification means having BTC and ETH

  6. My oldest investments are in trading card games, and are still the biggest investments. I was investing without even realizing it. I only realized when I started buying stocks and crypto

    But if didn’t count those cards, crypto would be much higher in my portfolio

  7. 45% Bitcoin, 25% gold and silver (split about 50-50), 25% stocks (all gold miners), last 5% is filthy fiat waiting for a home.. most likely more gpu’s for the mining rig. The sound of the fans is soothing.

  8. I’d like to see a pool where everyone can share how much they have invested in $, anonymous of course. I think that this would be a better metric to see how much the average investment per person stands.

  9. I don’t actively trade stocks, but I have a 401K so do have a fair amount of exposure there. Also have a stack of silver. The crypto portion is around 45% of my total investments, however, so i’m not going easy with them.

  10. 100% of what I’ve invested. I’m young and haven’t contacted a bank regarding stocks yet. And from what I’ve seen in the stock subs, I’m not sure if I would want to considering all the dirty tactics used to fuck the small people

  11. I’ve got about 1/3rd of my savings in crypto.

    I would like to put more in ideally, but I don’t have a lot so it is good to have some fiat immediately available for a rainy day. When the market is really bullish I think why don’t I put more money in and earn more money as it increases. Then crashes like Sunday happen and I realise that’s why. I only invest what I can afford to lose.

  12. I’m mostly on forex with a robot (small capital however), then a bit on etf stocks that i’m putiin monthly, and crypto which i got for free from coinbase + side mining when i’m not gaming.



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