Post something about Bitcoin that blew your mind 👇

Post something about Bitcoin that blew your mind 👇

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  1. Actually, this just blew my mind today that never even occurred to me til now.

    Saying 1 bitcoin is merely just a label. The only thing that transacts through the protocol are sats.

    Compare that to the USD where there are $1, $10, $100 bills and so on.

    So transferring 1 bitcoin to someone is like giving someone USD, but giving penny by penny.

  2. That it’s doing what it’s supposed to do. New ATH vs turkish lira, new ATH vs brazilian real.
    This is the whole point to fight inflation and it’s working. I’m amazed tbh

  3. That an open-source piece of software, and not even a very large one at that, could ever have so many layers of depth (economics, game theory, philosophy) and so many implications to society – it’s our first real market test of the Austrian school of economics. Massive global mind-boggling potential here.



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