PoW Vs PoS debate with Lyn Alden and Justin Drake

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  1. How can someone with knowledge in computer science shrug away the argument about technical complexity like that with a straight face?

    Even their lead core dev criticized the complexity of the project in a recent vent on twitter ([](

    Meanwhile Lyn Alden presented an absolutely unbiased analysis of both approaches, highlighting pros and cons in an objective way.

    It’s so unmistakably clear who is intellectually honest and arguing in good faith that it’s almost comical the hosts considered this a PoW vs. PoS “debate”. More like objective analysis vs. shitcoin marketing.

  2. I watched a bit of it, but this seems a discussion similar to “evolution vs creation” or “flat vs round earth”. You can discuss whatever you want, but that is not going to change fundamental facts. Bringign up the 51% debate is ridiculous in a bitcoin context. Bringing up altcoins in the crypto context is equally unvalid. Proof me wrong.

  3. I loved this debate! It was actually very informative for me. Unfortunately it felt like Lyn had more expertise on an economical perspective and less from a development perspective which made the debate feel one sided as she was unable to answer the tech side of the questions and usually resorted to making comparisons to equities. Either way I learned a lot and both people appear brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

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