Predictcoin Launches Predict Crypto Movements and Earn Rewards in PRED and BNB

Predictcoin Launches Predict Crypto Movements and Earn Rewards in PRED and BNB

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Making bets and predicting the outcome of certain events has existed for thousands of years as it undoubtedly provides participants with enhanced emotions whether they win or lose. However, the main problem for those who lose is that they don’t win anything – no surprises there, right.

As such, Predictcoin was developed and launched to fill that gap and serve as a prediction infrastructure that aims to reward winners and losers.

Win for PRED, Lose for BNB

The Price Prediction V1 platform saw the light of day on November 1st at 17:00 UTC, but it will arrive with a seven-day countdown (trial period) in which the team wants all users to familiarize themselves with how it works. The prediction in question will commence on November 8th at 13:00 UTC.

Essentially, Predictcoin allows users to predict on five different cryptocurrencies whether their prices will be higher or lower a week from now. They can use the native digital asset – PRED. Each token has only ten seats to accept predictions, with each one costing 10 PRED. Users can predict only once from one wallet per week, meaning 50 seats are available in total per week and 500 PRED retrieved.

Positions will open on Monday at 13:00 UTC, and clients can secure their seats by choosing either Bull or Bear (up or down), depending on their views of the particular coins. Those positions close on Friday at 13:00 UTC. Those who have made the corrected predictions will be redirected to stake PRED to earn PRED. Interestingly, those who are on the wrong side will be able to stake PRED to earn Binance Coin (BNB).

Although winners and losers will be able to get rewards, the BNB predict pool will be 1/5 of the APR of the PRED prediction pool. Nevertheless, the team reminded that the APRs can fluctuate depending on the number of participants (winners and losers) there have been in that week.

About PredictCoin

Prediction is an all-in-one price prediction DAO. Stake, Farm, Vote, and Predict the prices of various crypto assets. Save, earn passive income and learn a thing or two from professional predictors.

Users can follow Predictcoin’s official Telegram channel for more information on the project’s development stages.


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