Preparing for taproot – In depth Article on Bitcoin’s Taproot Upgrade

Preparing for taproot – In depth Article on Bitcoin‘s Taproot Upgrade

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  1. tldr; Starting at block 709,632, Bitcoin users will be able to safely receive payments to taproot addresses. Bitcoin Core has supported relaying and mining transactions with taproot-paying outputs since version 0.19 (released November 2019). Optech encourages developers of wallets and services to implement support for paying bech32m tap root addresses now rather than waiting until after taproot activates.

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  2. The page mentions the [fee overpayment attack](, but the way its described doesn’t make sense to me. It describes the root of the problem like this:

    > Transactions explicitly state the amounts of the UTXOs they create, but the amounts of the UTXOs they spend can only be found by looking at the previous transactions that created those UTXOs.

    However, as we all know, UTXOs are always fully spent. So what is this talking about? It sounds like they’re saying the fee on the transaction can’t be known just by looking at the inputs and outputs of the transaction. That’s just not true from any angle I can look at it. What am I missing?

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