Presenting Crypto Traders With The Ultimate Trading Platform

Odin: Presenting Crypto Traders With The Ultimate Trading Platform




Odin, a one-stop-shop for all trading solutions, revolutionizes traders’ interactions with the financial markets.

The platform was created to help solve the current frustrations while dealing with centralized and decentralized exchanges. The platform consists of several modules that allow traders to learn, monetarize, showcase, experience, and utilize copy trading features.

What sets the platform apart from others in the market is that Odin incorporates many unique features, including having portfolio management that allows traders to track their portfolio easily while at the same time allowing them to get PNL stats. The platform also has news and analysis features, making it possible for traders to track crypto market news and reports. Traders can also network with others within the ecosystem through the Odin Social platform, copy trade for CEX and DEX and access educational materials from the educational channel.

For the mentors in the trading industry, the platform will showcase their skills and experiences through their public profile and personalized landing pages allowing other traders to pick a mentor to follow. Odin provides the ideal space for mentors to get a target audience by maximizing community group chats and social networking platforms.

Odin also has an algorithmic trading feature equipped with bots and in-built algorithms. The feature enables traders to use their bots without the need to code their strategies and has  API keys.




In addition, Odin also has an extensive trade history journal and performance reports generated and updated regularly.

Odin’s whitepaper reads in part:

“We are aiming to provide a new homepage for every trader with easier access to the essential data for every available trading routine. We want to help traders improve, share and collect knowledge, find like-minded people, and earn extra money. Whenever you need to find the latest information about the market’s movements, latest news, or share your experience knowledge, and even if you want to track your portfolio and build algo-trading bots, the Odin platform is here to satisfy you.”

With Odin, centralized and decentralized exchanges are automatically integrated via APIs to track every trade you make in one place. Currently, there are a few exchanges that work well with Odin including OKEX, PancakeSwap, Binance, Uniswap, Kucoin, 1Inch, Bitfinex, Bancor, and Huobi.

Find out more about Odin by visiting their website.

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