Prime Brokerage Platform TroyTrade Launches DEX TroySwap

Prime Brokerage Platform TroyTrade Launches DEX TroySwap

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The DeFi Industry is making huge waves. It is the heart of the cryptocurrency movements and modern financial system. One of the truly fascinating dimensions of decentralized finance is the advent of DEXes platforms that has garnered projects and users with financial freedom without the interference of any central authority. Decentralized peer to peer financial transactions are one of the safest and secure modes of transferring cryptocurrencies with utmost privacy. DEXes are disruptive models which jive well with the aspects of decentralization because the users can control their assets without any interference in a completely transparent manner.

Powered by TroyTrade, TroySwap is a revolutionary DEX platform which is a one-stop crypto trading service for users. It is building an advanced platform with key attributes right from trading, swapping, yield generation, staking, liquidity aggregation. Users can seamlessly use these services to maximize the returns. TroySwap is a game-changer in the DeFi space simplifying DEX usage for users with intuitive features. Users with lack of extensive technical knowledge can experience ease of use on TroySwap.

TroySwap allows users to trade their assets in a decentralized manner at lower transaction fees. This drives the utility of the overall product. TroySwap is an integral part of the thriving TroyTrade ecosystem giving a closer experience to seamless trading with performance and ease. Moreover it reinforces a high level of security and privacy while transaction execution.

Furthermore, TroySwap outpaces other established exchanges out in the market with quality decentralized exchange solutions by providing a electrifying competition in the following ways:

Aggregating Liquidity from Major Exchanges

TroySwap pulls the liquidity from decentralized liquidity solutions like Uniswap, Curve, etc in order to provide low slippage costs and high liquidity trading facilities. The stellar team at TroySwap ensures hassle-free operations by providing unique – value propositions. With strong community support, DEX can enjoy increased trading activity however the base liquidity is important to start out.

Lucrative Earning Opportunities

TroySwap has launched flexible earning opportunities that allow them to maximize returns providing a fruitful trading experience. Users can participate in incentivized TroySwap staking, yield farming provided by the platform. Users can stake $TROY and earn high APYs on the same. Staking is a mechanism that allows users to earn passive rewards by validating the transactions on chain. These can be solid sources of passive incomes for users attracting widespread traction.

Empowering users with $TROY

Users can enjoy trading fees discounts and various reward schemes for referring to your network. $TROY will also be a base currency for most of the trading pairs allowing users easier trading without the need to hold other currencies, thus increasing the overall liquidity of the holders. While using TroySwap users holding $TROY will benefit from preferential fees from others. As part of creating frictionless experience, users will be eligible to participate in voting proposals and governance of the protocol actively. This will attract network participation from the community while upgrading the product dynamics.

End-to-end Security

Users will enjoy a high degree of robustness and security as the wallets will be on-chain, limiting the vulnerability from failure of TroySwap. This ensures that TroySwap will have no-central authority over the control of funds, thus users can be assured about the lack of identity thefts, breach of personal information or risk of user funds.

About Troy

Troy Trade is a global, prime brokerage specializing in crypto asset trading and asset management. We provide crypto brokerage services for institutional-grade capital and professional traders with revolutionary trading services.


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