Private Key Implant (Body-mod)

Hey everyone,

May be the sleep deprivation talking here but two channels of thought in the recesses of my mind crossed earlier. I have been securing my private keys for cold storage, and a few days ago I also watched a cool video about a tiny centimeter implant which can be inserted into your hand which is rfid/ nfc readable. Would anyone consider or entertain the thought of somehow placing your private keys onto a text file etc. onto the chip, encrypt it via. a pass code and unlock it using an rfid reader connected to your pc, if necessary? Interesting concept none the less. Its secure in the sense no one would think of scanning your hand to extract your private key! Here’s the link explaining the implant.

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  1. it’s a solution in search of a problem. and it’s a bad solution. would you store gold in your body if it were small enough? is the the safest place for it? you still have to secure your password. and unless you also store that in your body, you still have the same possibility of loss.

  2. I have 3 nfc chips implanted in my hands. They work great for unlocking my doors and as a business card. They also work well for 2fa. And I also store my private keys on them. Check out Dangerous Things for a list of chips. I also install them for people at my piercing studio.



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