Proof of Life – Why Bitcoin is a Living Organism

Proof of Life – Why Bitcoin is a Living Organism

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  1. “The first part will establish that Bitcoin is indeed a living organism. The second part will take a closer look at Bitcoin’s various habitats, and how changes in these habitats might affect the organism. In the third part we will dissect the Bitcoin organism, trying to understand some of its parts in more detail. Finally, we will perform the thought experiment of trying to kill Bitcoin, to illustrate the remarkable resilience of this strange, decentralized organism.”

  2. tldr; Bitcoin is a living organism, according to Ralph Merkle, the inventor of cryptographic hashing and namesake of the “Merkle tree”. Bitcoin takes energy from the environment and puts things in order by appending blocks to a well-ordered structure. This structure is just one part of a large and complex system, just like the backbone in vertebrates.

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