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Hello again! We’re back to share the grants that went out over the second quarter of 2020 – but first, some ESP updates from the last few months:

We’re writing about grants today, but grants are not the only kind of support ESP can offer! We recently published a blog post featuring some amazing teams that you won’t find on the list below, since they received support other than the traditional grants highlighted here.

Meanwhile, the community has put on some awesome virtual events that really are the next best thing to the in-person gatherings that we’ve all been missing – and in some ways, even better. Through some of these events the ESP team has had the opportunity to connect with hackers and attendees all over the world; check out recordings of our presentations at ETHGlobal’s HackMoney and HackFS, Gitcoin’s Protect Privacy, and ETHPlanet’s EDCON.

Last but not least, we added a “pinboard” to our Wishlist page, where you can find some specific challenges posed by the eth2 team. If you want to make a unique contribution to eth2, this is a great place to start!

And now, without further ado, here’s our list of grant recipients in Q2:

Category Recipient Description More Info
Community and Education Akomba Education Initiative On-chain certification framework, and development of modular learning resources and accredited courses using this framework.
Community and Education Couger Educational initiative creating working groups and corporate meetups/workshops to discuss and develop open standards and proofs of concept.  
Community and Education FOSS Responders Event organized by Open Software Foundation to help connect open source projects and teams affected by COVID-19 with funding opportunities in various open source ecosystems.
Cryptography and ZKP STARK-related explorations Research and development on Distaff, a zero-knowledge virtual machine written in Rust which automatically generates a STARK-based proofs of execution, including progress toward Turing-completeness.
Cryptography and ZKP zk-SUMMER Program for students to learn about and build on Ethereum, with zero knowledge proofs as a key focus area.  
Cryptography and ZKP Hubble Optimistic rollup hub which enables creation of optimistic rollup chains within the same interface, removing the need to ever “exit” the ecosystem by allowing users to move between chains instantly and at negligible cost once they have entered the rollup space. The goal of Hubble is to allow the creation of any rollup chain simply by writing a solidity function.
Cryptography and ZKP Peek-A-Book Private order matching system that allows users to advertise trading orders without leaking the amount or price.  
Cryptography and ZKP UniRep Private and nonrepudiable reputation system which uses zero knowledge proofs and Ethereum contracts.  
Cryptography and ZKP zkzkrollup Improving Fawkes-Crypto to support a PLONK-based recursive solution for cheaper Layer 1 verification.
Cryptography and ZKP Analysis of Arithmetization-Oriented Ciphers Research to optimize the advanced cryptographic protocols that make use of symmetric ciphers.  
Cryptography and ZKP MACI User Interface Web-based user interface for Minimal Anti-Collusion Infrastructure.  
Developer Experience Meson: A Mixnet To Rule Them All Research into network level privacy based on Katzenpost, including decentralising the public key infrastructure, incentives, and dynamic tuning of mixnet parameters.
Developer Experience SWARM Research and development on Swarm, a decentralized storage solution.
Developer Experience ChainSafe Grant to ChainSafe for maintenance and improvements on the Web3JS library.,
Ethereum 1.0 OpenEthereum Maintenance on the OpenEthereum client and repository.  
Ethereum 1.0/Ethereum 2.0 DataHop Large-scale simulation of the proposed DiscV5 service discovery protocol for eth2 in order to evaluate and improve performance and provide Sybil resistance.
Ethereum 2.0 RSA MPC review Audit of the RSA MPC (multi-party computation) paper and code by the KZen team.,, Diogenes Octopus Playing Red Team for Eth2
Ethereum 2.0 Schlesi An initiative to create a number of multi-client eth2 testnets in preparation for mainnet. This work led to the current Medalla testnet, composed of 20k+ validators and 600+ nodes with the majority run by the community
Ethereum 2.0 BSC Eth2 Network Evaluation Collaboration between a professor and master’s student to evaluate libp2p gossipsub simulations using the Barcelona Super Computer (BSC), investigate ways of hardening gossip networks against attacks, and develop a monitoring tool.
Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Fuzz Continued maintenance and infrastructure upgrades by Sigma Prime on Beacon Fuzz, a differential fuzzer for finding crash-causing and consensus bugs in eth2 clients.
Ethereum 2.0 Lighthouse Continued development of Sigma Prime’s Lighthouse staking client, written in Rust, for the Ethereum 2.0 network.
Ethereum 2.0 Prysm Client Continued development of Prysmatic Labs’s Prysm staking client for the Ethereum 2.0 network written in Go.
Third Party Funding UNICEF Cryptofund Cryptocurrency-denominated investment fund targeting startups that use blockchain technology for social impact.
Third Party Funding CLR.FUND Open quadratic funding protocol using Minimal Anti-Collusion Infrastructure (MACI).
Layer 2 Perun Go-based implementation of state channels hub and node client.
Layer 2 Fuel Labs Research and development of optimistic rollup for building scalable, permissionless, trust-minimized rollup.
Layer 2 Unified State Channels Continued work on getting State Channels production-ready, including launch of Web3Torrent, a demo app which uses state channels to enable micropayments for torrented data.
User Experience Gas Station Network Productionizing GSN2, testnet dapp integrations, and educational materials.

Total Q2 allocations: $3,884,000

This list represents non-recurring funding from across the EF, including grants via our public inquiry process, delegated domain allocations and third-party funding (types B, C and D as defined in the EF Spring Update). As always, it’s a privilege to work with these amazing projects and so many more.

Keep up with future ESP news by following us on Twitter @ef_esp or signing up for our newsletter. And as always, we’d love to chat about how we might be able to support you in your own work – just get in touch at!

Q2 Allocation Update







资助类别 接受者 项目描述 更多信息
社区与教育 Akomba 教育倡议 这是一个链上认证框架,使用此框架可以开发模块化学习资源以及认证课程。
社区与教育 Couger 这是一个关于通过创建工作组和举办公司聚会/讨论会以讨论和制定开放标准和概念证明的教育倡议。  
社区与教育 FOSS响应者 这是一个开源软件基金会组织的活动,以帮助受COVID-19影响的开源项目和团队与各种开源生态系统中的融资机会联系起来。](
密码学和 ZKP STARK相关探索 在Distaff上进行研究和开发,Distaff是一个用Rust编写的零知识虚拟机,它可以自动生成基于STARK的执行证明,包括图灵完整性的进展。
密码学和 ZKP zk-SUMMER 该计划旨在让学生了解并学习如何在以太坊上进行开发,并以零知识证明作为重点教授  
密码学和 ZKP Hubble Optimistic rollup中心可在同一界面中创建多条Optimistic rollup链。用户在rollup空间中,可以微不足道的成本在链间移动,从而消除“退出”生态系统的需要。 Hubble的目标是仅通过编写solidity函数即可创建任意rollup链。
密码学和 ZKP Peek-A-Book 隐私订单撮合系统,允许用户在不泄漏金额或价格的情况下广播交易订单。  
密码学和 ZKP UniRep 使用零知识证明和以太坊合约的兼具隐私性和确定性的声誉系统。  
密码学和 ZKP zkzkrollup 通过改进Fawkes-Crypto以支持基于PLONK的递归解决方案,从而使得Layer 1验证成本更低。
密码学和 ZKP 面向算法的密码学分析 该研究旨在优化使用对称密码的高级密码协议。  
密码学和 ZKP MACI用户界面 这是一个基于Web的用户界面,用于实现最小化防止串谋基础架构。  
开发者体验 Meson: 一个集成式的混合网络 这是一个基于Katzenpost的网络层隐私研究,研究内容包括将公共密钥基础架构去中心化、激励措施以及动态调整混合网络参数。
开发者体验 SWARM 去中心化存储解决方案Swarm的研发。
开发者体验 ChainSafe ChainSafe因对Web3JS库的维护和改进作出贡献而得到资助。 [,](],
以太坊1.0 OpenEthereum 客户端 对OpenEthereum客户端和存储库进行维护。  
以太坊1.0/以太坊 2.0 DataHop 对被提议的针对eth2的DiscV5服务发现协议进行大规模仿真,以评估和改进性能,并开发抵抗女巫攻击的性能。
以太坊2.0 RSA MPC review KZen团队审核了RSA MPC(多方计算)的文件和代码。,, Diogenes Octopus Playing Red Team for Eth2
以太坊2.0 Schlesi 这是一个为筹备以太坊主网而创建的包含多个多客户端eth2测试网的计划。这项工作成就了目前的Medalla测试网,该测试网由2万多个验证节点和600多个普通节点组成,其中大多数节点由社区运行
以太坊2.0 BSC Eth2网络评估 这项工作是由一位教授和他的硕士生完成,其使用巴塞罗那超级计算机(BSC)来评估libp2p gossip协议的仿真,研究强化gossip网络抵御攻击的性能的方法,并开发了检测工具。
以太坊2.0 Beacon Fuzz Sigma Prime对Beacon Fuzz进行了持续的维护和基础架构升级,Beacon Fuzz是一种差分模糊器,用于在eth2客户端中查找导致崩溃和共识的错误。
以太坊2.0 Lighthouse客户端 Sigma Prime继续开发以Rust编写的的针对以太坊2.0网络的Lighthouse抵押客户端。
以太坊2.0 Prysm 客户端 Prysmatic Labs继续开发用Go编写的针对以太坊2.0网络的
第三方基金 UNICEF 加密货币基金 以加密货币计价的投资基金,主要针对通过使用区块链技术来产生社会影响的初创公司。
第三方基金 CLR.FUND 使用最小化防串谋基础架构(MACI)的开放式二次资助协议。
Layer 2 Perun 基于Go实现的状态通道中心和节点客户端。
Layer 2 Fuel Labs Optimistic rollup的研究和开发,用于构建可扩展、未经许可且信任最小化的rollup”
Layer 2 统一状态通道 继续致力于将状态通道投入实际应用的工作,包括启动Web3Torren。这是一个演示应用程序,它通过状态通道来实现种子数据的微支付购买。”
用户体验 Gas Station网络 将GSN2投入实际应用,testnet dapp集成以及相关的教学资料。



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