QAnon “Founder” Starts Selling Ethereum NFT To Fund Secret Project

ron watkins

The QAnon “founder” Ron Watkins recently got banned from Twitter but now he started selling Ethereum NFTs to fund a so-called secret project as we are reading more about it in our latest ethereum news today.

The alleged Qanon “founder” Ron Watkins is selling NFTs of screenshots from his banned Twitter account and the first NFT is up for sale on the OpenSea marketplace. Watkins is believed to be a central force behind the QAnon right-wing conspiracy theory group that announced a series of ETH-based NFTs that will auction off to fund a secret project that he thinks will save America. The CodeMonkeyZ Freedom Series is a collection of screenshots of tweets from his banned Twitter account and he also announced the project to his Telegram group that counts more than 425,000 subscribers describing the NFT as a way to raise money for the “Project Freedom” as an unspecified initaitive.

Watkins’ first NFT is a screenshot of a tweet from January 3.

The first Freedom Series NFT depicts a tweet that was sent on January 3rd about an impending January attack on the United States Capital which is now for auction on the NFT marketplace OpenSea. As of this writing, the high bid is 0.21 ETH or about $640 so the auction will also run until October 7. the NFT acts as a deed of ownership to a scarce digital item and in this case, Watkins will be selling ownership rights to an image file or a screenshot of a tweet that is no longer available since his account got banned. Other public figures sold notable tweets as NFTs in the past like Jack Dorsey who sold his first tweet for $2.9 million back in March.

Qanon is a conspiracy theory that started back in 2017 and focused on “satan-worshiping pedophileS” who are in a position of power as the researcher Travis View explained. Believers saw it as a campaign against Donald Trump who is seen as the messiah for the supporters. Watkins is a former administrator of the 8kun or 8chan message board where the conspiracy theories like QAnon thrived. He then resigned his position before the 2020 US elections and made a few media appearances. Watkins was banned from Twitter after the riots this year due to Twitter’s policies on coordinated harmful activity.

He denied being Q but he alluded to performing this role during a conversation with documentarian Cullen Hoback for HBO. Warkins’ fans are still not thrilled about this NFT as some don’t understand what NFTs are and why would someone be selling screenshots of tweets.

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