Question about the JP Morgan “exposure product” and The Big Short movie

So I just saw The Big Short (2015) It is a movie based on the 2008 housing bubble in the US.

Then I read this:
“9 March: JPMorgan launches ‘crypto exposure’ product

An SEC filing on Tuesday by the bank showed it is creating a “basket of companies with exposure to cryptocurrency” that will be dominated by MicroStrategy and Square.
JPMorgan will create debt products linked to the performance of the crypto basket, giving investors indirect exposure to the cryptocurrency market.”

Is this similar as in the movie? Or a start to something similar? Correct me if I’m wrong, I don’t understand this.

Thinking about that CDO? CMO? putting bad mortgages together in a basket. And you can long/short the basket. And long/short the people that long/short on the basket. And so on….I think?

Or is this just etf on a fund? Is there a difference?

Guess I just saw trigger words from the movie “basket” “exposure” “debt products” ¯(°_o)/¯


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  1. It’s not quite the same, because this basket will track the stocks of publicly traded companies instead of private mortgage debt. Nevertheless, this “basket” will not be Bitcoin, and will not even be tied directly to Bitcoin. If what you’re worried about is their ability to manipulate the price of Bitcoin through this basket, don’t be. The price of Bitcoin is the price at which it is being traded on Bitcoin exchanges, and that number is increasingly difficult to manipulate as the price continues to rise.

    So just buy real Bitcoin and don’t give those slicksters a chance to play with your money.



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