/r/Bitcoin will be matching ~12BTC of your BTC donations. Made gains? Pay it forward, double!

The Bitcoin price has gone up a lot over the past year, so why not prove that the new economy is better than the old one by giving some of your gains to worthy causes? This year, /r/Bitcoin is a sponsor of [The Giving Block’s #BagSeason event](, and the first ~12.155 BTC in donations made on [**this special page**]( will be matched from the /r/Bitcoin ad fund. You can donate to **any** of the hundreds of charities supported by The Giving Block, and /r/Bitcoin will match it.

(There are also [significant tax benefits to donating crypto](

Let’s change the world for the better! [**Donate here**]( Make sure that you donate on that specific page, or your donation won’t be matched. Whether or not you donate, let us know in the comments which charities supported by The Giving Block you think are the best.


**About the ad fund**

In 2010-2011, the previous top mod of /r/Bitcoin collected BTC donations with a vague idea that this BTC would be used to promote /r/Bitcoin and/or Bitcoin itself using AdSense ads or something like that. About 22.5 BTC was collected, at the time worth less than $300. When he resigned and made me top mod, he also gave me the MyBitcoin account containing the ad fund. (I luckily moved the BTC out of MyBitcoin right away… a few weeks later they ran away with everyone’s BTC.)

In the past, some of the other mods used parts of the ad fund to promote /r/Bitcoin by sponsoring some eSports tournaments and by buying some Reddit ads. But I was personally never very interested in the whole ad fund idea, and there haven’t been many other people interested in spearheading ad-fund projects, so the remaining ~12 BTC has been sitting around collecting dust for the past several years. I decided this year to finally empty the ad fund, and this donation sponsorship/matching event seemed like a good way to use the BTC for something worthwhile while also maintaining the spirit of the ad fund.

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  1. Thank you to the /r/Bitcoin community for this amazing effort!! We are also on The Giving Block and accept donations of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

    We are America’s oldest non-profit dedicated to ocean conservation and work with partners worldwide to conserve threatened marine species and address the key threats to ocean health.

    You can [learn more about our work here]( and find us by searching for Oceanic Society on

  2. Glad you are donating it. While it’s tempting to let the bitcoin sit and grow, the more it does the higher the temptation would be for someone to run away with it. Since it belongs to the community I’d say it’s best to donate it to a good cause now. Bravo.

  3. Hello,

    We are TheGivingBlock partner charity as well. Consider supporting our cause. Which is helping children glued to their screens and educating parents. With every 0.00025 BTC donated you support one individual to participate in our free 6-12 months long programs. Our plan for December is to raise at least 0.25 BTC to enable 1000 individuals to participate.
    So far we’ve received 0.015 BTC in whole 2021.

    Select LogOut: and be part of an impact today!

  4. Thank you r/bitcoin community from Little Footprints Big Steps (LFBS)! We one of the organizations on The Giving Block platform that accepts Bitcoin and we are so grateful for your support. Our work involves addressing the exploitative orphanage system, reuniting children in Haiti with their families, as well as significant work to support the survivors of the August 14th earthquake rebuild.

    You can search for “Little Footprints Big Steps” on TGB matching bitcoin page to support our mission: [](

    Our Giving Block profile: [](

    Our website: [](

    Thank you for the generosity of this incredible community!

  5. Thanks to the r/Bitcoin community from the Institute for Justice for this generous initiative!

    We are one of the nonprofits on The Giving Block platform and a recipient of the Pineapple Fund! As the National Law Firm for Liberty, we defend our clients free of charge against outrageous government abuse. IJ protects the rights of all Americans in the courtroom and in the court of public opinion. Help us make a more free & just America by joining our cause this Bag Season!

    You can search for “Institute for Justice” on the Giving Block’s special page for r/Bitcoin donors here: [](

    Here is our Giving Block profile: [](

    Here’s our website: [](

  6. This is so amazing! Thank you for doing this. We’re on The Giving Block platform and accept Bitcoin donations in partnership with them. We’re also the only funder of community-led education in Yida Refugee Camp, right outside of Sudan, so the crypto community can play an outsize role with their giving here.

    You can search for “Operation Broken Silence” on this special page to give Bitcoin to our cause:

    Our Giving Block profile: [](

    Our website: [](

  7. As the fundraiser for a small nonprofit signed up with The Giving Block, I just wanted to say thank you!

    I work for [Harper’s Playground]( and we build inclusive playgrounds where people of all abilities can play. Our mission started when our founder’s daughter who uses wheels got stuck in woodchips at their local playground. This was 10 years ago. Him and his wife brought their community together to raise $1.2 million to build the first Harper’s Playground! And it’s still there today. Now we help communities all over the WORLD build their own inclusive parks because PLAY is important and essential to human growth!

  8. An awesome organization, WholeSchool Mindfulness, is on that platform. If you’re looking to make a dent in the mental health crisis – they are a great way to go! I just donated bitcoin.

    [Their Website](

  9. At []( we produdly run our own full bitcon and bitcoin lightning node:

    About our charity:

    **Utilizing technology and psychology to create social impact**

    We are a group of passionate psychologists, social workers, gamers, developers, crypto enthusiasts who understand technology and human behavior with years of experience by helping individuals and their closest ones

    **A comprehensive program in a safe environment**

    * Individual psychological counseling “Logout&Restart, Digital Detox & Logout&SpeakOut!” be it in person or via video call
    * Individual physical movement activities “More Green Time, Less Screen Time”
    * Individual counseling for families “Preventive Help & Advice For Parents” with emphasis on creating family screen time agreements
    * Coaching for parents “Parenting in Digital”
    * Group sessions for youngsters and their parents
    * A summer camp “LogOut Week” for children and youth
    * Preventive & Awareness Social Impact Campaigns – offline and digital

    Support our cause:

  10. WaterAid is working in +30 countries to bring clean water to communities living without it — a very worthy cause. And today thanks to an anonymous donor, crypto gifts are triple matched! So with r/Bitcoin they could be quadruple matched. WaterAid accepts crypto in partnership with The Giving Block. We won’t stop until everyone, everywhere can access clean water and wash their hands with soap and water.

    r/Bitcoin match challenge:
    WaterAid website: [](
    #GivingTuesday #BagSeason #BitcoinTuesday #CryptoGivingTuesday

  11. Wow!! Thank you so much for doing this!! We’re honored to be the only bonobo organization on The Giving Block and we accept Bitcoin donations too.

    Bonobos are our closest relatives (along with chimps), we share 98.7% of our DNA with them, but unlike most other great apes, bonobos are cooperative and don’t kill each other. They’re also super cute and very endangered. Your bitcoin will go to the only bonobo sanctuary in the world and the only bonobo rewilding in the world. It will also save the bonobos’ rainforest home, all in the Congo, the second largest rainforest in the world.

    Donate your bitcoin to save and protect bonobos! [](

    Learn more about bonobos here:

  12. >so the remaining ~12 BTC has been sitting around collecting dust for the past several years

    This strategy has worked out very well, why not continue it? If you truly understand how valuable Bitcoin is and will be, why give it away?

    Some day, perhaps some day soon, government may attack Bitcoin in a massive and coordinated way and the need for such funds may present itself.

  13. Thank you to the r/Bitcoin community. This is an absolutely incredible display of generosity and we’re so grateful to you for showing the world what can happen when a community comes together to give

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