(Rant) Why Bitcoin is amazing and why Shitcoins are shit.

(Rant) Why Bitcoin is amazing and why Shitcoins are shit.

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  1. Your shitcoin rant was entertaining and thought-provoking. I know next to nothing about ETH, and your summation of its shitcoininess was eye-opening. I had to go over to Youtube and subscribe. You got some chops.

    With this argument of ETH as shitcoin, I feel the urge to go talk some friends out of going down this path of treating it as casino chips. But your long experience of telling us how hard it was for you to fight the bullshit, will make me give it a bit of thought about whether I say anything or just be quiet and watch.

    Maybe just one time, and if their world falls apart because ‘I bought Ether because bitcoin is too expensive,’ I’ll shut up and not say, ‘I told ya so… I warned you…’ It’s gonna be hard to bite my lip.



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