Ray Dalio: I’d Rather Have Bitcoin Than a Bond

Ray Dalio: I’d Rather Have Bitcoin Than a Bond<a title="" class="aalmanual" target="_blank" href="">Bitcoin</a>/comments/nk3jwf/ray_dalio_id_rather_have_bitcoin_than_a_bond/

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  1. this is a really sophisticated way of saying have fun staying poor. It also goes along with Cathie Wood saying 40% Bitcoin 60% stocks. Opposied to the historical 40% bonds 60% stocks.

    I don’t own any bonds, do the rest of you?

  2. He has seen the Hyperbitcoinization event horizon

    Also, things are VERY VERY haywire in finance, and Central Banks need to get their shit together ASAP. This is Ray Dalio giving the warning to Central Bankers. Please for the love of God do something you dumb bankers.

    Step 1 would be to stop having Real Estate be so encouraged as a Store of Value. Taper that off ASAP with restrictions on how low the interest rates can be. End that. Stop it from being this ongoing drain on the future.

    Find a new Store of Value, because people need actual homes to live in.

  3. I sold all stock, cashed out cd’s, emptied my savings account and bought 50/50 crypto, gold & silver. I don’t want to hold devalued fiat USD, I know what happens to it during a crash, with crypto and precious metals, like real estate and other physical assets you have a chance.

  4. His goal is to make money. You don’t make money holding cash or bonds. You actually lose money over time when inflation is higher than the interest rate, as is the case right now. So obviously BTC is better because there’s a chance you’ll make money. With risk of course.

  5. **Hyperbitcoinzation** is not going to happen while dollar bonds still have value. That is only going to happen when these bonds will have become essentially worthless.

    Hyperbitcoinzation will be the result of fiat hyperinflation.

    At that point, the flight into bitcoin will not be perceived as a risk by the government, because their own alternative will no longer be a viable alternative.

    As long as the fiat system still works, Bitcoin will not replace it. That won’t happen. Bitcoin will win by default only.

  6. Who the hell is trying to decide between a bond and BTC? lol this is a stupid statement… Bond investors and crypto bettors are exclusive clubs on opposite ends of the risk spectrum.

  7. I sold my bonds for bitcoin some time ago. It went 10x already lol.

    Maybe Dalio should have listened at the time, instead of his stupid takes back then.

    Welcome to the new world tho Dalio!

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