Really – selling Bitcoin to buy bonds?

According to Fox Business today, a number of Bitcoin sales are a result of people chasing that juicy rising 1.6% interest rate per year.

A rising bond rate will let their money erode just a slight bit slower. Good luck with that.

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  1. Can you imagine having $1,000 to invest, and deciding to lock up that money for 10 years, so that you could earn $16 a year from a government endlessly printing money and devaluing it?

  2. I always wonder about the interest rate – stock market correlation. I find it very hard to believe that a stock or crypto investor EVER fancies a bond. The psychologic profiles are completly different. For me its as believable as a “fast car, hot girls, lots of bling bling guy” suddenly buys a toyota corolla.

  3. That’s what you (I mean anyone-not OP) get for consuming more media programming (news). Especially Fox, but they are all the same at this point, just four major media companies left. Only a matter of time before they infiltrate Reddit too.

  4. The Government will soon have to stop the bonds from raising cause they wouldn’t be able to pay them off without fucking things up even more. Feels like a Fool’s Boomer Rally, I’d take stocks, BTC or Pokemon cards any day over bonds.



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