[Release] Nano now available to Unity game developers – A reach of 2 billion active gamers

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I’m proud to announce the Unity plugin which adds Nano support is now available on the Unity asset store:


This enables 1.5 million Unity developers access to directly support Nano in their games. Features include:

* Creating private keys
* Save/Load encrypted password protected private keys on disk
* Building-block functions for processing blocks
* Helper functions for sending/receiving block and waiting for confirmation from the network
* Automatically pocketing pending blocks
* Watch changes for specific accounts using websockets and polling as a fallback mechanism.
* QRCode support for both payments and scanning private keys for payouts in arcade-style setups
* Multiplayer server side validation of payments with block hand-off
* Websocket server which allows listening to all confirmation callbacks (useful for visualisers)
* Listen for payments to single accounts, private key payouts and much more.
* node.js server as a proxy for communicating with the nano node
* Publically available server for quicker onboarding
* Demo level showing all features
* Tests for validating and converting between raw/nano

Tested on all desktop (Linux, MacOS, Windows) & mobile operating systems (Android/iOS) as well as browsers through WebGL.

Video describing adding the plugin to a project and showing how the demo level works: [](

More information available on the github, as well as all client/server side code: [](

If Unreal Engine is your cup of tea, then I have a Unreal Engine plugin too: [](

I welcome any external contributions to either repos.

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  1. This is just a plug-in though, every studio would still have to set up a system/logistics/even want to accept crypto as payment. It’s neat but it’s literally just a plug-in.

  2. What is the use case for these plugins in a game? This is not a FUD attempt, legit curious. Would this allow people the option to do in-game purchases with nano?

  3. As an indie game dev I always thought something like NANO (fast and no fees) would be crazy to have in a game. But after I got more experience and released a few games, I saw huge problem that would prevent most developers that do this for a living to integrate NANO as a form of payment.

    The problem is, if you want to do this for a living, you will probably end up to publish your games on a big platform like Steam, Google Play or the Apple App Store, this is because you need as much people as possible to find and play your game, so they can buy stuff in-game / watch ads.
    If you are not on one of the big platforms, chances are you are not getting a lot of traffic towards your game.
    (NOTE: not all devs need these platforms, but most do.)

    And on these platforms you are not allowed to use alternative payment systems for your in-app purchases.
    This is because if you use an alternative system, the platforms are not able to get their share of the payment made by the user.

  4. The headline is overselling nano, nano is on reddit so it has reach of 430 million active reddit users furthermore it’s on the Internet so it has reach of 4 billion of active Internet users.

  5. Been a bit dissapointed with the adoption of NANO, I think the hackattack fucked it a bit, then the lack of understanding from the neanderthals that kept their NANO on binance unable to move it, blaming NANO itself.

  6. Nano’s spam issue is still ongoing and many confirmations are taking 10+ hours. I know Reddit loves Nano but its going to be really hard to come back from this. When there are tens of other coins that have comparable features and no giant black eye to scare away adoption. Just the fact that it happened is a black mark on the coin. I fully expect to be down voted to hell because Nano is a sub favorite.



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