Remember when John Oliver covered Bitcoin at $1 7k

Remember when John Oliver covered Bitcoin at $1 7k

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  1. He actually causally mentioned nft’s on sundays episode. I’m sure he will do another episode before the end of the season on crypto. Honestly last time he mostly just ripped on EOS which he wasn’t really wrong about.

  2. The left will be the last faction of society to accept bitcoin because they wholeheartedly believe in “the system” and in money printing. Bitcoin is essentially a bet against Keynesian monetary policy.

  3. I haven’t seen the segment since it was originally aired but the geist of what I remember is that he was saying that investing in bitcoin is risky, the price is volatile, and people should be sensible with the money they put in. Given the speculative fervor that happened leading up to the 2017 December spike (and then crash), the advice was reasonable. A lot of newbies lost their hats buying near or at the top and then selling for a massive loss when it started to crash. It’s easy to say with hindsight that obviously if they held out until now even the people at the top would have 3x-4x’d but that’s very unfair to the average person buying in who wasn’t really clued up all.



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