Reminder, 3 more days to vote on all governance polls

There are a few governance polls that are somewhat close to hitting the required amount of moons to move forward.

You can find a great recap of the current outstanding polls here, courtesy of the mods – ### [What are r/CryptoCurrency MOONs?](

### Distribution governance proposals

*Please leave a comment in reply to this one to get yours added to the list*

* [2 Free posts a week, and Moon cost for additional posts](
* [Reduce karma from posts that are just links to external news websites to 10%](
* [Proposal to create a personal story flair that all stories must have which will have reduced Karma for the MOON distribution](
* [Tipping allowance of 100 moons per month without eating into 20% holding bonus](
* [5% Bonus MOONs for anyone who votes on governance polls](
* [Reduce the Monthly Moon Special Membership Fee of 1000 Moons to 100 Moons](
* [Karma Bonus for Special Members: Reward Users Who Invest in Community](
* [Reward 10 Top quality posts each month with some moons to incentive quality content creation](
* [Negate the effects of downvoting on karma generation](
* [Restriction on the amount of comments per user eligible for Moon distribution](

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  1. Thanks! I appreciate your listing these in one place.

    And I can’t believe that 25% of the voters have downvoted this. I would wager there are some bots downvoting everything.

  2. 1. Don’t reward people just posting link. Why should they get double rewards? (Moons from here and ads from their website). It’s the new way of farming.
    2. Adjust special membership to 5.99$ a month : But you can only pay with Moons (price automatically adjusts).
    3. Add the option to display or hide the amount of Moons we own!

  3. Thanks for posting! I had only voted in 3 of these, and kind of forgot the others existed. I actually like voting in those and seeing what is coming next for the sub.

  4. Thank you for the reminder.

    So what does it mean, are we going to get some Moons soon?

    Sorry im newbie, this is my first voting and just so excited to get my first Moon, do not want to miss it.



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