REMINDER: There aren’t enough BTC for HALF of today’s millionaires to own JUST ONE. Owning ONE bitcoin puts you–at minimum–in the top 0.2% of the human population in terms of total possible Bitcoin wealth distribution.

Oldie but a goodie:

There will only be a maximum of 21 million bitcoins. Ever. Approximately 4 million have been permanently [LOST](, bringing the maximum circulating total to 17 million. This total number won’t be reached until 2140 due to Bitcoin’s [issuance schedule]( This is “quantitative hardening.”

Total number of millionaires (in USD value) worldwide is around 33 million ([source](

The factual math is simple: there is not enough Bitcoin in the world for even HALF of today’s millionaires to own just ONE SINGLE BITCOIN. Much less all the future millionaires that will be born as the human population approaches [10bn](

Bitcoin is SCARCE. Check out the [S2F model]( for a good explanation of why scarcity and value correlate. Recently updated to the [S2FX model]( for a model that incorporates more data, and is, perhaps, more accurate.

Furthermore: If you are able to acquire even one BTC today: Enjoy the feeling. You are an early adopter. And one of a **very** select number of humans. Owning just ONE BTC means that you are–at minimum–in the top 0.2% ([17M / 8Bn * 100](,000,000/8,000,000,000)*100&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8)) of the human population in terms of total possible bitcoin wealth distribution. The percentage is much lower than that, of course, given that there are lots of whales out there with 1000+ BTC each.

Edit: And never-mind the idiots that will say something asinine like “my pubic hairs are limited in number too…does that make them valuable?” Your pubic hairs have zero network utility, whereas every day Bitcoin proves it has extraordinary utility as (perhaps) the most perfect form of money humans have yet created.

Edit #2: Yes. I have said all of this before. But there are new people arriving in this sub every day. And very few people go back and read posts from 1+ month ago…

Stack those sats!

That is all.

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