REPOST from r/SmartlandsPlatform: 32 Fundamental Reasons Why I Went ALL-IN on Smartlands (SLT)

Crypto is a difficult world to get your footing in. There are just as many pump and dump meme coins and outright scams as there are legitimate projects; and many of those legitimate projects are just an idea without anything tangible behind it (just wait two years and it will be revolutionary…right?).

I’ve been accumulating crypto since early 2017 and am currently as excited as everyone else to be going through my second major bull run.

At the beginning of 2021, I converted 99% of my stack to Smartlands (SLT).

Here are 32 reasons why:


**1)Supply** – the total supply is 7.1mil tokens with just over 5mil currently in circulation. Remaining tokens are locked for use onboarding partners, so will only be unlocked when there is real gain for the platform to be had by doing so.

**2)Market Cap** – even after the 30x fiat value gains that SLT has had since January, the market cap is still under 50mil. That is insanely undervalued for a project with as many fundamentals as Smartlands has.

**3)Staking Yield** – Smartlands will be providing revenue sharing to qualifying holders of 33% of fees paid by clients to list assets on their platform; as well as a percentage of trading fees from the secondary market that emerges over time.

**4)Buy Pressure** – the staking yield will be paid to holders in SLT and this will be bought on market through automated buy bots, creating an upward pressure on price.

**5)Near-Zero Fees** – because SLT operates on the Stellar protocol (easily one of the best crypto protocols in the world) the transaction fees are basically free.

**6)Fast Transactions** – the Stellar protocol also allows transactions on the platform that occur in a few seconds.

**7) Environmentally Friendly** – there is minimal energy use for the Stellar protocol and therefore the Smartlands platform will be more environmentally friendly compared to most other cryptocurrency blockchains.

**8) Transparent** – one of the great things about the Stellar protocol and the Stellar Decentralised Exchange (SDEX) is how transparent it is. You can see every trade, linked to an account, with analytics about that wallet available for anyone to see ( This lets us understand market sentiment and whale activity better than pretty much any other platforms out there.

**9) New Exchanges Coming** – SLT is currently so undervalued (did I mention: UNDER 50mil MARKET CAP) because it has only been available on the SDEX until recently. Two new exchanges have been added so far in 2021 (Whitebit and Atomars) with more currently in negotiations. Once SLT hits any of the larger exchanges you know what will happen… and you have that to look forward to if you become a holder now.

**10) Bear Market Resistant** – one of the great things about a platform focused on a real world business model is that it is less dependent on the crypto market cycles for success. Everything goes great for all these obscure DeFi plays in a bull run, but what happens to them when the market turns? 90% of them will disappear or become worthless, but Smartlands will continue to run its business as it is not solely focused on crypto investors. The yield is also not dependent on the crypto markets, but is a factor of commercial activity. SLT is bear market resistant, which will become increasingly important over the course of 2021.


**11) Real Estate** – the Real Estate market is the next holy grail of crypto and Smartlands are making it happen in the next few weeks. This is a multi-multi-trillion dollar market and there will be huge rewards for first movers and early adopters.

**12) SME Funding** – smaller businesses and startups can find it difficult to get seed funding, or unlock liquidity for expansion. Smartlands is going to be directly engaging with entrepreneurs and business owners to help them grow.

**13) Flexibility** – beyond the two key sectors above that Smartlands are focusing on launch, the platform itself allows all kinds of other ABT transactions – including things like debt trading, DeFi loans, agriculture and other alternative investments. Smartlands are not just focusing on one area, but developing an ABT platform that can onboard new sectors.

**14) Brand Name** – the crypto-sphere is filled with projects with (quite frankly) ridiculous names that won’t be taken seriously in any mainstream or professional business context. Smartlands, on the other hand, has by far one of the best brand names in the space. Recognisable branding is vital to success in a space as fast-moving as crypto. Smartlands does what it says and you remember it for what it does, in any language.

**15) Ukraine Launch** – with solid partnerships in Ukraine (see below), Smartlands are now focused on one of the strongest emerging markets in the world. It also happens to be one of the most crypto-friendly too. Yes, there are obviously risks around political stability and corruption – but check this EU report to see how confident the EU Commission is on these fronts. If one of the world’s largest trading blocs can be this confident, so can we. Remember also that Ukraine is just the beginning…

**16) CEO is an Early Investor** – the current CEO of Smartlands, Ilia Obratzcov, started as an SLT investor involved from the very first days of the original ICO. As a software developer, he eventually applied for and became the Chief Technical Officer involved in development of the platform through a number of iterations – before now being the CEO in charge of the company of a day-to-day basis. Ilia’s faith in Smartlands became a career and he has a vision for it that surpasses many other entrepreneurs looking to catch a quick crypto wave before cashing out. The CEO has been in it for the long term and his success is linked to ours as token holders.

**17) Built on Stellar** – the Stellar protocol is easily one of the best and most efficient blockchain protocols currently available. It also happens to have one of the most professional teams in the crypto space, with high levels of integrity and a focus on regulatory compliance and financial utility. Stellar is the perfect platform for tokenisation of the kind that Smartlands are developing; and they are close partners in what the future holds.

**18) Marketing Hasn’t Even Started** – this is a token that has gone 30x in three months with ZERO marketing. The team is focused on developing a world-leading platform and getting all the right partnerships in place. Compare that to other platforms that are all marketing and not much else. Marketing will begin soon in the lead up to the platform launch – but just consider how successful SLT has been without it. What do you think will happen when they start?

**19) First Mover Advantage** – there are many projects in crypto that offer something revolutionary, but you have to wait two years to find out if it will be a success… but trust us, right? Smartlands, on the other hand, are launching in the next few weeks (currently April). This is happening RIGHT NOW and they will be at least six months ahead of a lot of other competitors trying to do something similar.


**20) Empire State Capital** – with the new Chairman of Smartlands, Martin Birch, we have someone who has spent over a decade working within investment banking in Ukraine. Not only that, but he’s been focused on client sales and development of High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI). This is an important on-ramp for wealthy clients who aren’t looking to invest in crypto itself, necessarily, but are looking for high return investment opportunities.

**21) Quantum Attorneys** – legal frameworks and regulations is one of the most difficult areas for things like real estate and SME tokenisation. Who better to have on board then a law firm advising the Ukraine government on their digital strategy? That’s right, Smartlands has a legal framework ready to go that is fully compliant with regulations both current and incoming.

**22) Colliers International** – with a game like real estate you need a big hitter on your side. There aren’t many bigger than Colliers, who have been working with Smartlands since 2018 and are continuing to do so with the new platform launch. The partner link on the website now leads to the Ukrainian page for Colliers, so watch this space…

**23) Agroxy** – agriculture is another area ripe for tokenisation that is currently under-explored, and Smartlands are in there with a new startup that looks to create an efficient marketplace for the transfer of products, equipment and other agricultural goods. This will be one of the first joint ventures in which Smartlands are providing a platform back-bone for another organisation… and yes, there will be fees involved that go into the revenue sharing for qualifying stakers.

**24) Big U** – the newest partnership announcement is an excellent one, as it opens up a whole new area for Smartlands outside of real estate: SMEs. This partnership is a big deal not only because the Smartlands platform will be embedded in their mentoring and incubation process for new startups in Ukraine, but also because Big U is working directly with the Ukraine government as part of economic initiatives in the region.

**25) Archax** – institutional investors need to know that what they are involved in is trustworthy and well-vetted. Enter Archax, an exchange aimed at institutional investors that is focusing on the ABT market that is launching in the next few months. Smartlands was one of their earliest partners and will be listed on the exchange when it launches.

**26) Stellar Foundation** – as mentioned previously, the fact that Smartlands are so closely involved with the Stellar Foundation should be seen as a huge positive. Not only because of the expertise and professionalism of Stellar, which is second to none in crypto, but because they are embedded with them in Ukraine. Stellar is working with the Ukrainian government to develop one of the world’s leading CBDCs. Smartlands is right there with them.

**27) NO Crypto Investment Firms** – have you ever looked at a project partner list and wondered: why are all the partners just crypto firms? When you look into it, you realise they are all crypto-focused startup funds that are investing in anything they think will make quick returns. Smartlands does NOT have partnerships with these firms, because they are focused on deeper and more professional connections with the business sectors they are involved in. Crypto investment firms dump their investments on retail holders – not having them as partners is a good thing over the long term.


**28) Level-Headed Investors** – the Smartlands community is currently made up of people who have done their due diligence and understand that this is an opportunity based on fundamentals. The community is one of the most mature and welcoming in crypto.

**29) Real Accounts** – the numbers you see in our community (Telegram and Reddit primarily) are *real people*, using real accounts. There aren’t thousands of bots just to boost numbers, what you see is a real community excited to be in this together.

**30) Community Website** – the community is active and dedicated, enough to create our own website with FAQs and How To guides; as well as insight articles that go into more detail on the Tokenomics and History of Smartlands over the years. This website is not run or created by the company, it is 100% community owned and operated..

**31) Top 50 NOT Selling** – one key indicator for the strength of a project is whether the largest holders are selling or not. Particularly after the 30x gains that Smartlands has seen in the past three months, you would expect a lot of top holders are cashing out. However, there are currently less than 5 accounts in the Top 50 holders that are selling any of their long-held SLT. We know this because the SDEX is 100% transparent – every trade can be analysed and examined… and it shows that the big holders are NOT selling.

**32) Meme Magic** – the meme game in the Smartlands community is strong and we have fun doing it. Not only do we have people interested in the technical side, but the creatives are on board too. Meme magic works and we have it!

**EDIT 33) [We just hit $50 million* market cap!](**

Note: $320 is not a meme.

**Check these links for more details on all of the above:**

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