Request Network adoption is growing!! You guys should check out what they’ve been accomplishing.

The link below is from the cofounder himself explaining how request is doing. If any of you guys just take the time to see things that request is doing you’ll be amazed. A lot of people on here don’t like it because they lost money but that was four years ago and the team has grown so much more. Just take two minutes out of your day to read the article and you’ll be impressed the improvements they’ve been doing and the work they’ve been putting in. The work speaks for itself. Enjoy!

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  1. REQ always has a special place in my heart even if I’m down 90% on it lol. Every development of my war torn 2017 coins is nice to read and I hope someday REQ regains some of its former glory.

  2. Let me be honest. Any Crypto that loses money or gets hacked is instantly out for me. That’s why I don’t trust Iota anymore. Even if they fix everything, they become really solid and they are the best tech now, it doesn’t matter.

    What’s done is done. And if your blockchain can get hacked or you lose investor money, well you didn’t take this job serious enough at the beginning.



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