Restarting IEO Star Project – METAX Will Open Subscription in Hoo Labs

Restarting IEO Star Project - METAX Will Open Subscription in Hoo Labs

At 15:00 on October 21, 2021, Hoo Labs will relaunch METAX, the star project of the metaverse track. Users who hold different amounts of HOO can obtain different investment quotas.

Public information shows that Hoo Labs is a Labs incubator launched by the Hoo platform in 2019. High-quality projects that through the platform’s assessment are available for initial launch or discounted subscriptions in Hoo Labs to help users obtain seed investment opportunities. At the same time, it also empowers the application ecology of its own platform token HOO. Star projects that have been successfully cooperated include ICP, WOO, AVAX, Casper, etc.

This time Hoo labs launched Metaverse X, a decentralized virtual world sandbox building game designed by Studio X of Fair.Game, a well-known blockchain gaming platform. Inspired by the famous “Minecraft” and “Roblox”, Metaverse X supports NFT creation and trading as well as Play To Earn mode and aims to be the world’s #1 fully immersive virtual world MMO game with its own NFT and marketplace ecosystem on the blockchain.

It is worth mentioning that Nguyen Hoang chinh, the head of the MetaverseX project, is a well-known Vietnamese-born online game producer who has participated in the production of several large-scale games and won several international awards. He founded X Studio in 2019 to enter the blockchain game.

According to the person in charge of Hoo labs introduced, Hoo Labs has launched MetaverseX project support, mainly because they are optimistic about the future development potential of blockchain technology in the field of the metaverse. This IEO is also a further upgrade of Hoo’s ecological rights and interests following Hoo’s VIP level upgrade and collateral loan ecological update. This time IEO has achieved iteration and update on the product in addition to the continuous empowerment of the platform pass HOO. Users can intuitively see the number of participants, the number of activities already invested, the target number of activities and other specific circumstances. In the future, Hoo ecology will continue to upgrade and improve, and HOO will have more application scenarios.

Driven by the news and the rise of the market, HOO token rose from US$0.73 to a maximum of US$0.80 with an increase of nearly 10% within 24 hours.

It is understood that Hoo has established a global operation center in Dubai to carry out global and compliant operations, relying on Hoo’s complete blockchain industry ecological infrastructure as well as technology research and development to promote the global development of blockchain technology and applications.

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