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Revolut: fundraising against cancer

February 4th will be World Cancer Day, and to mark the occasion Revolut has decided to set up a fundraiser for the Humanitas Foundation’s Pink Union project.

Through the app, in fact, Revolut customers will be able to make donations for women’s health.

In 2020, Revolut managed to raise more than 4 million euros worldwide through the app’s Donations section.

Revolut, cancer data and why fundraising is important

As stated in the press release issued today by Revolut, 10 million people die of cancer every year and experts estimate that by 2030 this number will reach 13 million. 

“With an appropriate strategy, we can save up to 3.7 million lives each year”.

This is what Revolut explained, so today it is encouraging its 13 million customers to make a donation to support Pink Union.

As mentioned, this can be done by clicking on the “Donations” section of the app and making a single or recurring donation, or by rounding up payments and donating the remainder.

Elena Lavezzi, Head of Southern Europe at Revolut, said:

“In Italy, more than 500 women are diagnosed with cancer every day. Over the years, great strides have been made in the field of research, but we still need to support the organisations that work tirelessly to ensure access to prevention and treatment. We are therefore very proud to support women’s health through the Humanitas Foundation Pink Union project.

Roberto Cagliero, Fundraising Director Humanitas Foundation for Research, added:

“We thank Revolut for being able to gather a community’s generosity, transforming many small gestures of support into a powerful wave capable of truly changing the future of millions of people struggling with complex and tiring treatment methods. For example, women with breast cancer: thanks to scientific research and early diagnosis, the survival rate five years after diagnosis in Italy has increased to 87%. These women are the first to bear witness to the fact that scientific research is a safety belt that embraces the world: supporting it is the best investment we can make together”.


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