Richard Werner explains money ‘printing’

Richard Werner explains money ‘printing’

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  1. That’s my old finance professor. He knows what he’s talking about. Really enjoyed his lessons in the Goethe university.

    Funny fact however, he is not against fiat money, he actually says in this interview, that money creation by banks, is a needed economic mechanism. Without it, an (by capitalism driven) economy simply wouldn’t work.

    Fiat money becomes a problem if not used with caution for blown up 🌷 like securities with a misleading value potential.

    Unfortunately most of the printed money ends up in a capitalist financial system (Stonks only go up!) rather than in the real economy.

  2. The way Richard Werner explains the banking systems errors and the solution to it is phenomenal! We need such great minds in such a time as this. He would make such a fantastic finance minister .

  3. This guy is presenting this like he’s exposed the truth behind the banking system. All he’s done is word it so that it sounds nefarious.

    Check out this thread, I’ve had a long discussion with someone about this already:


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