Rigel Protocol to Launch Yield Farming V2 Version Soon

In what could be termed as an important development for Rigel Protocol, its Yield Farming V2 is progressing fast and in the last stages of development. The new version of the decentralized application comes with a host of new features, including access to the range of new pools, seamless user experience, and enhanced contract and security stability of the protocol. It will definitely go a long way in making the platform more accessible and popular among target audiences. The target date of launch is 7th October, 2021, and the countdown for the event can be accessed at

It is important to note that once the new version is launched, liquidity providers on the previous Farming V1 have to migrate to the latest version of the app. It is not a difficult process, and all one needs to do is unstake the LP tokens from the older version of V1 and restake all of them on the new version of the Farming V2 app. Users will get five days to complete the migration process.V2 will be accessible five days in advance so that migration from the older version to the new version can happen in a completely seamless manner. The farming rewards on the new version automatically begin once they stop on the older version of the app. 

This new development is expected to give a renewed push to the expansion of the user base of Rigel Protocol. The newly developed version of the app is bound to take the app to a different level of adoption and help it to carve a prominent place in the industry. The development has wider implications for the segment of decentralized finance while popularizing the adoption of digital coins.

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