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It looks like the day is too far until finally the Ripple vs SEC case gets settled down. Now with recent updates, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) now has made a decision to file another reply in order to protect the controversial Hinman speech.

As per the tweet by corporate defense lawyer James K. Filan, the SEC is doing its best to keep the documents confidential that are related to its former director of corporation finance, Hinman.

The SEC is trying to protect the internal documents that are related to the speech that is praising Ethereum (ETH) over attorney-client privilege. According to the SEC, the legal advice that is acquired by then Director Hinman. 

SEC Nods To Present Redacted Draft

As per the letter filed by the SEC attorney, Director Hinman had just presented his personal views but it wasn’t the speech (to which the emails are related).

The emails and the letter to Judge Netburn says that Hinman received legal advice from the SEC’s attorney, hence these documents are being protected and cannot be presented in front of the court.

According to SEC’s statement, the Ripple Defendant’s reply states that Hinman delivered his speech in his personal capacity. However, the commission claims that the court has never admitted that the speech was developed and delivered in a personal capacity. On the contrary, the court did agree that the former Director’s speech represent its personal views on the matter.

Meanwhile, the SEC has now agreed to present its proposed writing of the drafts in front of the camera if the court demands. The SEC claims that even if the speech included its personal view, Hinman has never delivered it in his personal capacity. According to SEC, the speech doesn’t have any relevance to its defense if it wasn’t presented by any senior SEC employee.

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