RUNE – Thorchain: this is a revolutionary technology that is going to sweep the market. Trade between BNB and Eth tokens for the first time. Allows everyone to be their own bank via DEFI.

I haven’t been this excited about a coin in a long time. The market cap is midsize, but I think it will eclipse uniswap since it does the same thing but is significantly better.

Imagine uniswap and pancake swap combined into one. But, you can stake your RUNE in a liquidity pool to earn interest and get a chunk of the fees.

They just launched the beta version of the platform. Please read up and watch videos on it, I think the returns will be insane.


YouTube vid about it –

Coin market cap –

Available on and I believe uniswap and some others

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  1. The token’s value increases based on the amount of crypto in the liquidity pools. If 2% of btc, eth, and bnb, were being pooled then the token would go from $16 (the current) to $302.00. Here’s a calculator to see potential gains – [](

    The interest you earn from people’s fees an platform distributions is pretty great. Right now if you pool your bitcoin you earn 29% APY. Why would someone want to go to Blockfi and have a middleman take a cut out of your interest? Since this is completely decentralized there isn’t a middle man.



What do you think?

Can someone explain chart below? Why after 2024 the line is straight? Would it not go down due to halving?

Bitcoin Network Status Update Sunday, April 18, 2021