SafeMoon Admins are breaking Reddit’s ToS by Vote Manipulating!

Mods, please do something about this.

The message says:

> We are being attacked by Cryptocurrency subreddit by people who are closed minded and jealous PLEASE DOWNVOTE AND EDUCATE THEM

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  1. > “we are being attacked by CC subreddit by people who are closed minded and jealous”

    Are they 5 years old?

    No wait, they are actually treating their investors/fans as fucking kids. This is amazing.

  2. Here’s the deal. This token is most definitely a pump & dump rug pull. That’s not debatable. The shills are in on it to make a quick buck. The devs know it’s shit too. Some people actually believe in it because “the devs are not hiding & made their faces public blah blah blah”. This is actually part of the con. If the devs actually “try” to make the token legit & run through the motions of doing that, their asses don’t go to jail once the con is up. They can claim they were actually trying to run a legit business & “failed”, just like 95% of all start-ups. They make millions & they don’t get hauled to the slammer to get ass raped by bubba.

  3. I don’t understand why reddit is full of these posts. I think majority of people now knows it’s simply pump&dump coin. Those who decided hop on are doing it with a high risk but it’s their choice.

    So again why do we need posts like this? I think one post a day is more than enough

  4. How do people even find these shitty coins? You really went and took your hard earned money, exchanged it for viable crypto, and then went out and exchanged that (however many times) for something called safemoon? Never buy a meme coin people, not even doge.

  5. If we ban Safemoon mentions here, it would probably be positive for the scammers because it would be seen as validation of what the devs just told them (r/CC don’t like them and therefore blocked them). This sub might be one of few places some of the newcomers can be set straight and be told the facts. So I don’t think we should ban anything. Maybe we can save at least a couple of people from losing their money.

  6. Every Safeshitmoon will be downvoted into abyss of despair and to the depths of ocean. I have done my part. We need to keep all the new users informed, let the investors make their own decisions.

  7. Reminds me of the time when one of my friends was part of a forex Ponzi scheme and when I asked why their broker had so many negative reviews he would tell me “Those are usually from competitors who are jealous of our success and trying to bring us down.”

  8. Cool they are flooding said thread now. In less than 24 hours their sub will be closed and the scam complete. The exchange listening will not come and dev´s will run.

    Iam starting to not feel for those people anymore.

  9. It’s astounding the sheer level of safemoon shilling. I’ve never seen a project have such an onslaught of defenders. Like maybe it’s legit, probably not but maybe.

    Either way it’s ridiculous what’s going on with this shitcoin



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