Sarah Silverman: Trump’s Civil Fraud Lawsuit Is the Perfect Opportunity to Ask About the Melania Clone and the Pee Tape

On Monday, former President Donald Trump took the stand in a civil fraud lawsuit filed by the New York Attorney General’s office. Trump was questioned about his financial statements, but “Daily Show” guest host Sarah Silverman said that prosecutors missed a major opportunity.

Silverman said that if she had been in charge of questioning Trump, she would have asked him about some of the most burning questions that people have about him, such as whether there is a Melania clone, whether there is a pee tape, and whether he would do a “Sophie’s Choice” with one of his adult sons.

Analysis: While Silverman’s questions may seem frivolous, they actually reflect some of the most serious concerns that people have about Trump. For example, the question about the Melania clone suggests that some people believe that Trump may have had cosmetic surgery to make his wife look younger. The question about the pee tape is a reference to the infamous allegation that Trump paid Russian prostitutes to urinate on a bed in which Barack Obama had slept. And the question about the “Sophie’s Choice” is a reference to the difficult decision that Trump would have to make if he had to choose between two of his sons.

While it is unlikely that Trump would answer any of these questions in a court of law, Silverman’s comments raise important questions about the public’s perception of Trump.

Here are some specific things to watch for in the coming days:

It will be interesting to see how these questions play out in the coming days and weeks.

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