Satoshi Nakamoto NFT sells for $350,000


TL;DR Breakdown

  • A Satoshi Nakamoto non-fungible token has been sold for $350000.
  • The NFT is inspired by Dorian Nakamoto, the supposed Bitcoin creator.

NFT trading is at the peak of its popularity in 2021, resulting in several exclusive pieces. The NFT “Satoshi Nakamoto” was recently released, inspired by the Bitcoin founder.

The NFT shows Nakamoto as Pepe The Frog. The Pepe the Frog meme NFTs have become very popular for a few months now. The non-fungible token sale closed at $350000 and has brought immense profits to its creators.

NFT Satoshi Nakamoto currently trending

NFT’s collection inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto takes the name “Rare Peeps”. These non-fungible tokens are the latest to join the “Pepe the Frog” collection, well known among enthusiasts.

The non-fungible token is a virtual card where Pepe the Frog is, and at its base, it says “Nakamoto’s card.” There is a heart emoticon at the base of the card with the designation “(Heart emoji) = 15 Atk = 3 Spd =1 Ele= Fire”. The card’s description says: “Creator of Bitcoin. One of the rarest Pepes in existence. Rareness Score =97. “.

Satoshi Nakamoto is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent characters in the cryptocurrency market, although no one knows who he actually is. This name or nickname has represented the company or person who developed Bitcoin, the first decentralized currency for a long period of time. After more than a decade since Bitcoin was created, Nakamoto still cannot be identified; with some people even debating his existence.

Since Satoshi Nakamoto does not have an image he identifies with, the NFT was inspired by a news agency’s speculations in 2014. According to Newsweek, the Bitcoin founder is “Dorian Nakamoto,” a young Japanese-American engineer linked to cryptocurrency. However, there is no strong evidence that Dorian is the true Bitcoin developer.

NFT market flourishes in second half of the year

At the end of the first part of the year, it has been verified that the NFT market has had excellent participation on the internet. Several companies, such as OpenSea, have participated in NFT auctions globally. Satoshi Nakamoto’s NFT is just one part of the great things non-fungible token auctions offer their enthusiasts.

Shannon Code, the Emblem Vault company co-founder, confesses that he is surprised by Nakamoto’s NFT’s popularity and the profits he has brought. Code estimates that the value of this non-fungible token had tripled in recent weeks and more when OpenSea supported it.

With this NFT sale inspired by Nakamoto, it becomes clear how great cryptocurrency adoption is. The NFT Nakamoto sell-off will not directly affect the Bitcoin price, but it can motivate new investors to buy the token. For now, Bitcoin is trading above $47,850 with a rise of 0.18 percent in the last 24 hours.

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