SEC Chair Gensler Confirms Crypto Will Not Be Banned In The US

SEC Chair Gensler Confirms Crypto Will Not Be Banned In The US

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  1. tldr; US SEC Chairman Gary Gensler has said he has no plans to ban cryptocurrency. Instead, the SEC is focused on ensuring investor and consumer protection, anti-money laundering, and tax compliance in the space. He added that many tokens on the market meet the criteria of “securities” but doesn’t specify which.

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  2. False- Gensler did not say crypto would not be banned!!

    He was asked- Is the SEC going to ban cryoto?

    No, that would be up to congress- said Gensler.

    So, Gensler did not give any indication whether or not crypto would be banned- he only said that would not be the duty of the SEC, it would be the duty of Congress. The headline is inaccurate and misleading.

  3. That’s true just be careful with holding large bags of stablecoins.

    They gonna go after those first, either through regulation or by issuing the long rumored “Fedcoin” that will pull the rug from underneath many stablecoins.

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