SEC Charges LBRY, Bittrex Will Delist LBC Pairs Soon!

SEC Charges LBRY, Bittrex Will Delist LBC Pairs Soon!

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  1. Law student here. It seems as though the SEC is using LBRY as a test case, meaning they will pursue litigation here to see what kind of precedent they can set.

  2. LBRY recently got hit with a double whammy as the SEC levied charges and Bittrex announced plans to delist its LBC trading pairs. It hard to even trade out of LBC right now as Bittrex has mandated 400 confirmations before LBC will be credited to your account. All I can do now is wait as the price keeps dropping lower.

  3. tldr; The SEC has charged LBRY with conducting an unregistered offering of digital asset securities. Bittrex has announced that it will soon stop supporting LBC as a trading pair. The price of LBC has been in free-fall for the past hour or so as people rush to cash out and protect their earnings.

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