SEC document filed by Tesla hints at accepting Bitcoin again


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  1. So, what other good and cheaper options are there in terms of Tesla cars? Meaning finding a car similar to a Tesla car now days? I
    used to think that changing bitcoin for a Tesla was a good idea but I see that a lot of people with more experience just laugh at that…

  2. If he never would’ve stopped accepting it and just kept taking it as payment for vehicles back when bitcoin dropped to 30k I’m sure he wouldn’t have regretted it … this dudes a moron

  3. Elon is like China, when they feel they’ve the audience paying attention, they drop it hoping it crashes so they can feel important. Once it moves on, they get jealous and want to jump back onboard. But why!!

  4. Elon was wrong for bashing Bitcoin and stopping its acceptance in the first place. Nobody’s perfect.

    Falling down in fine, as long as you dust yourself off, and get back up.

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