Secret DeFi (SEFI) Genesis Distribution Date + SecretSwap improvements!

Secret DeFi (SEFI) Genesis Distribution Date + SecretSwap improvements!

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  1. My SCRT is staked and ready! Not announcing the exact snapshot date was smart. SEFI should be distributed to people who actually add value to the network. I’ve seen other projects where the exact date and time of the snapshot was announced, and a lot of people bought tokens just for the snapshot, then dumped them afterwards. That won’t be the case here, SEFI will be going to people who truly believe in the future of Secret Network.

  2. I’m impressed by the fact that currently there are $85M worth of Ethereum assets wrapped on Secret Network as secret tokens, which can be viewed on the Secret Ethereum Bridge.

    And that SCRT itself is not a privacy coin – its use is transparent on-chain, but secret tokens are privacy-preserving.

    Secret Network is such a massive blockchain project



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